Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Week 2: Lightning Talk

This week, all of the teams presented their project descriptions, specifications, and goals through the lightning talk presentations. After the presentation, Professor Furman provided us with input regarding the assembly of the track for presentation opportunities such as Maker Faire. Thus, we implemented this goal on our project specifications. Everyone in the team stayed afterwards to speak on possible improvements for this year's iteration of the 12th-scale track and the following tasks that need to be finished for the upcoming week.

Next Week's Objectives / To-do List:

  • Start designing for the Futran Railway System
  • Finish research on the Futran Railway System
  • Contact previous year's manufacturing/track team for help and advice
  • Evaluate weak points of existing track
  • Explore possible replacements for supports

Project Specifications (Initial)

         1. Create a new 12th scale model track using the Futran rail system
              a) Collaborate with other 12th scale teams

         2. Improve manufacturability of  track components 

         3. Speed up the assembly and disassembly process for presentations such as Maker Faire
              a) Ideally, we would like a track that could be set up in such a way that once the track is held level the ground posts could be adjusted so that the track remains in place.

Lightning Presentation: How, What, and Why

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Week 1: Schedules and Contact Information

This week we discussed project specifications in preparation for our first lightning talk on September 6, 2017.

To help with future coordinating for out group we have attached all of our schedules below.

Bryan Oyan's Schedule:

Angelo Banzon's Schedule:

Kevin Brasil's Schedule:
Along with work on Sunday, Monday and Fridays from 6AM-1PM.

Contact Information: